A Guide to ADHD Treatment


You just came back from a meeting with your child’s teacher in school. The reason why the adviser called for this meeting with you is to report to you the seeming inability of your son to sit still. Aside from this he also exhibits fidgety behaviour and shows anxiety too. The adviser then tells you that maybe you would need to test your son for ADHD. Upon hearing that word you feel anxious about it because you know that this is a dreaded thing among parents. While it is perfectly fine for you to feel nervous about the possibility of your son having this diagnosis what should calm you is that there is ADHD treatment that is available now. But first you need to get a proper diagnosis. If you are living in Portland there are experts on ADD Portland has. Parents in Portland bring their kids there to have them tested for ADHD.

It certainly is not cause to be greatly depressed if your son indeed turns out to have ADHD. There are medical experts that you can go to seek treatment for this condition of your son. You can also arm yourself with information on the different treatments that are available for it. Having this information allows you to make an informed choice when it comes to your son’s treatment plan. If you would research you would find that the popular form of treatment for this condition is to take medication. The medications do something to the neurotransmitter in the brain thus making it have the ability to focus. However you should know that there are possible side effects of using these medications. Examples of side effects would be loss of appetite and sleep problems.

There are others who take a natural alternative to treating this condition. One thing they do is to keep an eye on the diet of their children. You need to research on foods that cause hyperactivity in kids and prevent your kid from taking that. One example of this is chocolate. There are also certain food colorants that induce hyperactivity in children. You also need to avoid giving food to your child that may cause allergies.

It is also highly recommended for a child with autism Portland to have regular time outside. There are studies that show that time spent outside allows the child to focus. It is nature that helps this to happen. That’s why you need to have regular time outside with your son.

Another thing that you can consider is to have your child do some form of yoga or tai-chi. It is said that this allows a child to calm down. You would be surprised to know that there are some yoga or tai-chi classes that are specifically made for children.  Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaD_qaZOw1o to gain more details about ADHD.

Another natural treatment that happens to be popular is the behaviour therapy.


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